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H-1B Visa Offer


Willy, Nanayakkara & Associates, a premier immigration law firm in Houston, makes a special offer for employers filing 5 or more H-1B applications under cap quota this year.

Pay legal fees only if and when the application is selected through USCIS lottery! No legal fees for applications not selected in lottery. This offer is valid for cases opened on or before March 20, 2018.

Contact us at 281-690-5117 or Email:


Terms of the offer

  • Provide documents stated in the checklist within five business days after initiating the process. Please click the following to see the checklist of documents.
  • If FEIN # is already not verified with DOL. SS-4 must be provided within 48 hours after initiating the process.
  • Company must provide filing fees via its own checks and/or cashier’s checks.
  • Softcopy of package will be provided to the employer.
  • Pay legal fees of $750.00 upon receiving the USCIS fee receipt.
  • Initiating the process must be done by on or before March 20, 2018.
  • Out of Pocket expense of $250.00 must be paid to initiate the process. Offer Valid for Limited Time and  only for New Clients filing for 5 or more H-1B Application
  • Offer Valid for Limited Time and only for New Clients filing for 5 or more H-1B Application
  • Our interpretation of the Offer is final.