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Welcome to Willy, Nanayakkara, Rivera & Goins

We are a full-service immigration law firm with nearly 25 years of experience in every aspect of business immigration, family-based immigration, and immigration-related litigation. In addition, the firm now also practices commercial law, family law, labor law and selected criminal cases. Our firm rests on the solid bedrock of a team of five attorneys and a full complement of legal assistants and support staff. In addition, Willy, Nanayakkara, Rivera & Goins draws on the skills of a wider circle of contract attorneys with focus in consular processing and litigation, as well as the institutional experience of advisors who have served with Border Patrol, legacy INS, and the State Department. The firm is fully automated for the digital age, combining case management systems with complete electronic files.

Immigration issues have become increasingly complex as each new law, regulation, and judicial decision adds new doors and corridors, while closing others. We firmly believe that a way through the complicated immigration system can be found. We work towards solutions with an eye for the seemingly insignificant details, while also keeping the big picture in mind. We have the skills, experience and resources to explore every possible avenue to achieve a positive result.

Above all, we believe in our three core principles of integrity, dignity for our clients, and the power of competence – experience and skill – in cracking the most difficult cases. We invite you to get to know us by scheduling an appointment.

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It is finally here! Not wanting to wait for congress to play its usual hide and seek with immigration issues President Obama pulled his bow like Arjuna and let fly several arrows. In the Memorandum below you will find an outline of the President’s plan issued by the White House. The plan is the maximum the President could have done within the parameters of our legal system. We will over the next few weeks keep all of you informed on the developments of these brave new initiatives. Please call us at 281-265-2522 to make an appointment.

Follow the link below for “The President’s Immigration Accountability Executive Activities”


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